Music Links


  • Fakebook Index – Searchable song index of jazz fakebooks
  • Jazz Discography Project – Everything there is to know about who played on what sessions with whom.
  • – Great resource
  • Jamey Aebersold’s Summer Jazz Workshops – A great way to study jazz.
  • Colin Campbell’s jazz transcriptions.  Colin and I met one year at the Aebersold clinic in Louisville.
  • Transcribe – my transcribing software of choice. It doesn’t do the work, but it sure makes it easier.
  • – Curtis Swift has transcribed over 2700 (as of 11/11) sax solos from the masters. He and I played together in a great combo at the 2008 Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop (directed by Antonio Hart!), at which point he’d only done 1400 transcriptions…


  • Bud Powell – “They say” Bud was past his prime in 1962, but this doesn’t sound like it. A transcription of all seven (!) choruses is posted on my transcriptions page.
  • Finally…somebody is “fixing” Monk’s music


  • Dance of the Infidels – Francis Paudras took care of Bud Powell in Paris in the early 1960s, and this is his wonderful account of that time. This is the book that the fine movie Round Midnight was loosely based on, though Dexter Gordon’s great character was a hybrid of Bud and Lester Young.
  • Lush Life – Great biography fo Bill Strayhorn by David Haidu
  • Kind of Blue and A Love Supreme – Ashley Kahn’s books on two great jazz albums.

Technical Music Books

Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony – This great book by Bert Ligon did more for me than any other resource to develop an understanding of how to play improvised lines that sound good. Also available here.

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